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28 Mar 2013 | 3 Comments |
Review: Manggahan Restaurant in Cebu

When my friend Cecille and I decided to go on a food trip today, we agreed to go to the newest restaurant in Campo, Lahug called Manggahan. Both of our friends have been raving about this restaurant in Cebu that my curiosity got bigger as I also wanted to see …

12 Jan 2013 | Comments Off on Is Cebu’s Tourism Industry Ready for Your Small Scale Business? |
Is Cebu’s Tourism Industry Ready for Your Small Scale Business?

Note: This is a guest post.
The number of tourists that arrived in the Philippines from January to November of 2012 reached over 3 million. In addition to that, the official website of the Department of Tourism (DOT) stated that this was an 8.37% increase compared to the previous year.
Now, the …

20 Dec 2012 | 5 Comments |
Cebuboy Lechon: A Taste of Authentic Boneless Lechon in Cebu

Aside from Lapu-lapu, Magellan and the iconic Santo Niño among others, Cebu is also well-famed for the best-tasting lechon in the whole archipelago (and even the rest of the world thanks to renowned TV Chef, Anthony Bourdain). Famous celebrities, both here and abroad, have attested to this fact. And once …

14 Dec 2012 | 2 Comments |
Pastilan! An Affordable Healthy Snack Food

Did you know that the famous Maguindanao delicacy called Pastil can be found here in Cebu? Yep! You’re right. Pinoy Pastil, the makers of Pastilan offers Cebuanos a taste of Maguindanao by serving this unique yet affordable healthy snack food.

But what exactly is Pastil?
Pastil is that famous delicacy from Maguindanao where …

23 Nov 2012 | 5 Comments |
The Ultimate Burger Challenge at Buddies

When our good friends, Cecille and Titus, mentioned they wanted to take the ultimate burger challenge at Buddies Burger, I told them I’d join them as I’ve been wanting to go on a food trip ever since I got back in Cebu. Roadtripper Ed just recently got back in town …

29 Dec 2011 | 7 Comments |
Where to Eat: Cebu Grilled Food at Kuya J

If you go gaga at the mere mention of the word baked scallops and grilled food when you look for good places to eat in Cebu City, fear not for we’ve got you covered! 
The province of Cebu is not only known for its famous beaches but it is also in …

25 Dec 2011 | 2 Comments |
Swim, Jump, Climb: Maximizing your Day Trip to Southern Cebu

After more than a year of being hiatus, your CebuRoadTrippers are back to help you choose the best places where to travel or go on a road trip within the province of Cebu and its neighboring islands. And as a Christmas treat, we’ll give you the inside scoop on our …

3 Dec 2010 | 11 Comments |
Skimboarding in Argao

Are you a fan of skimboarding? Well if you are the type who can’t resist getting on each skim board you see every time you visit the beach and try those skimming moves, then you are definitely one skimboarding junkie.
Cebu has many great beaches where you can skimboard like the …

23 Nov 2010 | One Comment |
Relic of Saint John Bosco Visits the Philippines

The world tour of the Relic of Saint John Bosco started from Valdocco, Turin last April 25th of 2009. This December 5, 2010, Saint John Bosco’s Relic and its pilgrimage will arrive in the Philippines. The pilgrimage will start in Bacolod. It will then head to Mambucal, Victorias, Kabankalan and …

20 Nov 2010 | 11 Comments |
Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu

Finally! For a couple of years, Cebuanos have grown accustomed to seeing that vacant and unfinished hotel building beside SM City Cebu. There were talks of Sheraton Hotel or some other hotel brands opening on this side of the country but this never came to fruition. But within the last …

1 Nov 2010 | Comments Off on Red Ribbon Bakeshop’s Meals and Cakes |
Red Ribbon Bakeshop’s Meals and Cakes

Red Ribbon has been providing quality, great-tasting cakes and pastries since 1979 with their first store in Timog, Quezon City. Since then, Red Ribbon has grown to over 200 outlets all over the country and over 38 stores in the US with locations in California, Las Vegas, Arizona, New Jersey and …

15 Oct 2010 | Comments Off on Red Mango Frozen Yogurt Is Now In Cebu! |
Red Mango Frozen Yogurt Is Now In Cebu!

At last! The much awaited Red Mango Frozen Yogurt is now open in Cebu to capture the hearts of every Cebuano who loves to indulge themselves with healthy treats such as frozen yogurts.
Red Mango combines its refreshingly tangy frozen yogurt with fresh and exciting toppings to create a nutritious dessert …

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