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Pastilan! An Affordable Healthy Snack Food

14 December 2012 2 Comments

Did you know that the famous Maguindanao delicacy called Pastil can be found here in Cebu? Yep! You’re right. Pinoy Pastil, the makers of Pastilan offers Cebuanos a taste of Maguindanao by serving this unique yet affordable healthy snack food.

Pastilan Beef Flavah

But what exactly is Pastil?

Pastil is that famous delicacy from Maguindanao where steamed rice is topped with your choice of chicken, fish or beef flakes. It is wrapped in banana leaf. To eat it, you either peel off the leaf and immediately stuff the rice topping in your mouth like how you eat bud-bud (suman or rice cake). But if you’re sosy, then you can also use a spoon and fork. How you eat it is totally up to you, actually.

Pastilan Maguindanao delicacy

Now, pastil made it’s way to Cebu thanks to the creative genius of the guys behind Pinoy Pastil. You’ll now have the chance to grab a healthy meal at an affordable budget. This wrapped meal is also a great alternative to your regular snack food. It’s best eaten when still warm as you’ll certainly find the mixture of aroma coming from the banana leaves and the toppings irresistible.

pastilan snack food

Pastilan comes in three flavors – Chicken Orig, Beef Flavah and Fish Telan. Sold at P25.00 per piece, this affordable meal will surely satisfy your hungry tummies.

To know where to order one, check out the links below.

Website: http://pinoypastil.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pinoypastil

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  • Pinoy Pastil said:

    Thank you very much for the blog on Pastilan!! We look forward to offering more menu in the future, and soon in convenient locations within the metro. 🙂

  • doi said:

    no problem. glad to share this new meal to Cebuanos 😉