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Coffee Cat in Cebu

18 July 2010 7 Comments

There’s a new cat in town, Coffee Cat, that is. Coffee Cat, which rooted its beginnings in Davao is now in Cebu and is ready to serve those Cebuanos who love coffee and Yogurt. Yes, yogurt. Although it sounds like a weird combination for a coffee shop to sell frozen yogurt but this is one of Coffee Cat’s best selling products.

their menu board; pastries and sandwiches

a kid, posing in front of the cam; customer ordering

Yogo, Premium Frozen Yogurt; Menu; Piggy tip jar

front and side view of Coffee Cat

Coffee Cat is not your usual dim-lighted cafe’s. The place is well lit with a minimalist interior

Yogo on Waffe for P200

On top of ordering a simple Yogo with toppings, you can opt to have it served with a waffle by adding P80 . This Yogo on Waffle cost P120 for the yogurt with 3 toppings + P80 for the waffle. There are a lot of choices for your toppings. This one’s got mango, blueberry and strawberry.

the counter; more seats

Wi-fi and charging is free here at Coffee Cat so it is very convenient for surfing the net while enjoying a sip at the cafe’s numerous drinks. The price here can be compared to Starbucks however you need to taste their drinks for it offers a different taste from your usual Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Bo’s or other coffee shops.

their coffee cups; condiments

assorted toppings for the Yogo

cebuRoadtripper Ed, chitchatting with Coffee Cat’s President and General Manager JC R Tan

So if you’re tired from your usual coffee drink, might as well check out this new coffee place which showcases a minimalist design in its interiors too, a break from your usual coffee shop’s interiors.

eBloc Building
(JP Morgan, Chase & Co.)
Asiatown IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City

Store Hours:
Monday – Saturday : 9:30 am – 2 am
Sunday : 11am – 12mn

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  • The Photoblogger said:

    woooT! complete pictures gyud! 😀 I tried the Cremosa soda, lingaw cya (yes naay drink na lingaw!) 😛
    I definitely need to go back and try the avalanche drink, but maybe when I’m not so broke na 😛

  • doi said:

    yeah, we’ll try again their coffee drinks. 🙂

  • KC Taguba said:

    their teatree yogurt is the best!!!…

  • ed said:

    @KC: people flock their yogurts indeed!

  • zhequia said:

    i worked for coffee cat before. i love the place! try the sandwiches they’re to die for!!

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