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15 Oct 2010 | Comments Off on Red Mango Frozen Yogurt Is Now In Cebu! |
Red Mango Frozen Yogurt Is Now In Cebu!

At last! The much awaited Red Mango Frozen Yogurt is now open in Cebu to capture the hearts of every Cebuano who loves to indulge themselves with healthy treats such as frozen yogurts.
Red Mango combines its refreshingly tangy frozen yogurt with fresh and exciting toppings to create a nutritious dessert …

18 Jul 2010 | 7 Comments |
Coffee Cat in Cebu

There’s a new cat in town, Coffee Cat, that is. Coffee Cat, which rooted its beginnings in Davao is now in Cebu and is ready to serve those Cebuanos who love coffee and Yogurt. Yes, yogurt. Although it sounds like a weird combination for a coffee shop to sell …

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