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Sorbetes Bai! Ice Cream in Cebu

27 September 2010 4 Comments

Sorbetes Bai! ice cream has been strategically located at the ground floor lobby of the i2 Building in Asiatown IT Park.

Sorbetes Bai! started out as a feasibility study of Business students in University of San Carlos and used to be located at  the the GLOBE TELECOM cafeteria in I.T. Park. Now it’s under new management and they tested by placing the stall in the building where I’m working.

sorbetes ice cream bai cebu sorbetes bai
Sorbetes Bai! at the i2 Building

Sorbetes Bai ice cream is reminiscent of those flavor-of-the-road delights because of the fine texture but you can still taste that this is indeed home-made ice cream with the flavors still intact.

There were previous stalls on the same location but this is probably the only one that became a hit. It’s probably because of the cost which really is very affordable plus they’re generous with their scoop servings.

Sorbetes Bai will only be good until October 5, 2010 but they’re working on establishing a stall in IT Park.

sorbetes cebu bai sorbetes
menu and picking through sorbetes bai flavored ice cream

There’s a problem at times when the weather gets hot. Sometimes the ice creams would become soft. But even so, other customers wouldn’t mind so long as they can get their daily sugar fix.

sorbetes bai ice cream
different colors and flavors

Flavors: Avocado, Buko Pandan, Cheese, Chocolate, Choco Marble, Coffee Crumble, Cookies and Cream, Durian, Fruit Salad, Mango, Melon, Mocha, Strawberry, Ube, Ube Macapuno, Vanilla

sorbetes bai cebu sorbetes bai!
scoop after scoop

Good flavors are durian, avocado and strawberry. Management is open for feedback to help them improve their ice cream’s taste.

sorbetes bai
they also sell by gallons

Here are the offerings and their prices:
Masterpiece:  three scoops of ice cream with toppings of your choice – 45 Php
Icy Breaky: Cocoa or Cornglake Cereal in milk topped with ic cream – 65 Php

370 Php/gallon
Free 20 sugar cones

Sorbetes Bai Classic – Ice cream on sugar cone
Regular (double scoop) – 22 Php
Junior (single scoop) – 15 Php

Contact Information:
Sorbetes Bai!
i2 Building Lobby (only until October 5, 2010)
Asiatown IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City
Phone Number: 09159651223

Update: They have acquired a station at the 3rd Floor of i1 Building in Asiatown IT Park still.

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  • verge said:

    On my way down after commenting on this post. Will try that sorbetes.. hmmm. i love. i love.!

  • ed said:

    haha, go go go verge! they’re only here until Oct.5. But they’ll be moving to i1 at the 3rd floor.

  • bilyotoy said:

    Ezie, a good friend, met us where this so yummy icecream is located and said… its made out of carabao milk. suddenly I stop and … was wondering the effect of that kind of milk to our health. makes me wonder!

  • doi said:

    i used to drink fresh carabao milk when i was a kid. i miss those days in Bulacan 🙂 i don’t think using carabao milk will have a negative effect to our health, i think… buhi pa man ko 😆